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Online English Lessons with Larousse.com

Gymglish provides personalized English lessons through daily e-mails. In each lesson, you follow the adventures of the Delavigne Corporation in San Francisco: full of humor, business English, and with a wide variety of accents.

An English 'workout'


An e-mail, a story, a correction

Each morning, you receive an e-mail in English with a variety of written and audio exercises. Gymglish lessons take 10 minutes to complete, and include a story from the Delavigne Corporation, dialogues to listen to, questions to answer, 'mini-lessons', and a personalized revision program.

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  Once you have sent your answers, you will receive a marked correction e-mail with your score for the day's lesson, personalized explanations, the English vocabulary you
have requested to learn more about, the scripts for the audio files, etc.

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Gymglish's policies respect your confidentiality and right to privacy.

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What our customers say:

Gymglish allows you to maintain your level of English even if you only use it occasionally. The short daily schedule (10 minutes for the lesson and 5 to review the correction) helps to maintain motivation and participation as it doesn't affect your working day (...).

George, taking English lessons with Gymglish